Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America's Headquarters

This weekend I went to DC on a service trip. It was amazing.

There are several reasons for the amazing-ness. First, we worked in food banks. Second, we made lunches and brought them to homeless people. Third, I met a bunch of new super Catholic people. Fourth, I met one in particular who uh, well, yeah.

So the working in food banks was nice. We sorted and packed food which will then go out to a bunch of needy families. Nothing much to report there.

The second day we made a bunch of bag lunches. I survived the experience despite the fact that I had to smell mustard and place said mustard upon sandwiches. I hate mustard. But, I digress. We then walked around DC on a slightly rainy day looking for homeless people to give them to. We split off into pairs. My partner and I found so many we ran out of food. In fact, everyone ran out of food. There are so many homeless people there it made my heart ache.

Having been a horrible social justice type person all my life, I really sat down and talked with some of these guys and gals for the first time. They are some of the best people I have ever met in this world. Rest assured, this guy is never walking past someone on the street again without saying hello.

The other Catholics that came with me were great. So, I could talk about them all, but I know the one you are dying to hear about is the one who made my heart go pitter patter. Well, not quite that cheesy, but I was taken aback in a good way.

I had seen her around the parish before, but we never spoke for an extended period of time. This weekend however, I was sitting in my room reciting Vespers. She walked by my open door and saw me. She then asked me the most beautiful question a woman has ever asked me - "Hey...are you praying the Office?" Fireworks went off. No lie. I melted. Putty in her hands.

"Uh..yeah." I responded. "Want to pray with me?"

"Well, you already started...."

"Nonsense! I will start over! Get over here!"

So we prayed. We said the Office several more times together throughout the trip. We even said a Rosary together as our Friday penance (YES. SHE KNOWS ABOUT FRIDAY PENANCE). Needless to say, I am going to ask her out for dinner. Probably this weekend. I am praying that if this is right for us, the Lord will place me upon her heart this week. If we turn out to just be friends, that is fine too. So, if anyone is out there reading this, say a prayer for me.

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