Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doo wop Doo wop

I have always had a passion for music. I am not sure why, but I have the uncanny ability to remember just about every song on the radio. That really surprises me because my memory is terrible - but when you put it to catchy music I can't seem to forget it.

I tried to learn guitar a few times in my life. The last two years I have stuck with it and I still suck. I just don't have the talent or creativity to make music. Since I have no formal music or music theory training, I can only imitate what I hear. That doesn't turn out to well when trying to become a talented musician.

For the most part my guitar has fallen to the wayside in the last couple of months. I have been distracted with girl problems and school. But last weekend in DC I discovered a talent I wasn't aware that I had - I can sing. Apparently I can sing pretty well.

I wowed everyone with my metro ride serenades of "My Girl," "You've Lost that Loving Feeling," and "A Whole New World." After one of the girls on the trip learned of my a capella magic, she encouraged me to audition for an all male a capella group on campus. She knew a few guys it in, and told me that I rocked. So why not eh?

On my campus there are several a capella groups. Some of them are good, some of them...well, some of them don't require auditions. We have a very famous group on campus and I consider them the varsity group. I am trying out for the JV group. They are good, but not famous over the USA like the other guys.

I doubted my ability to get in all this week as I practiced. But tonight, I asked a guy from the parish who is a voice music major to help me. After practicing with me for an hour he assured me that I was better than some of the guys in the group. Funny thing eh? It turns out I have a talent.

The audition is tomorrow night. I am going to suit up and amaze them with my glowing personality to make up for any defects in my voice. Saint Cecilia, pray for me.

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