Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Solemn Vows are Always the Hardest

After dragging my rear end out of bed at 5 am, it occured to me later in class that I should write a blog. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing of value to offer to the wise sage known as the internet, just my meager opinions, but consider this my long overdue journal.

So, let's start things off right. I will make a solemn vow to you, my future faithful readers. I vow not to start papers at 5 am the morning they are due. Ever. Again. How did I ever get in this habit in the first place? Allow me to shun responsibility for a moment and say "It's not my fault!" One night I got overwhelmed, didn't have time to work on it, woke up the next morning, wrote it prior to class, turned in that stellar piece of work and made an "A-."

It figures. Positive reinforcement for my bad behavior. But that paper was only six pages.

Next came my eight page paper. Last time I had finished in plenty of time, why not give it another whirl? We were supposed to "research" a topic, but I decided that making everything up would suffice. 5 am rolled around, I got up, put on my nicest sweat pants, walked to the campus library, and began to type out some dribble of epic proportions. It worked again, with slightly worse results. B+.

So, this morning, I was faced with a daunting 12 page paper. This one required actual "data." (pffft). My on the spot statistics wouldn't work this time. I got it done, but while proof reading this paper 3 minutes before class, I figured I could have just written in crayon. For the level of sophistication I had put into this baby, I would probably get the same grade. This thing was worthless.

Next week holds the key - will I once again be rewarded for my bad behavior or will I be forced to reform?

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